Counseling Disclosure Statement

As a Christian Therapist/Counselor, I am called by God to help people understand and experience God’s love, which is freely offered. I believe that God still heals, delivers and sets people free from a sinful nature. And, that people have an inherit right to live a purposeful life in Christ.

In light of these beliefs, my personal counseling guidelines are as follows:

  1. I will walk along side those who seek counseling to empower them.
  2. Through counseling people can realize that God has a plan for their lives that can be achieved once purpose is known.
  • I am professionally trained as a therapist with a Masters in Science with a specialization in Mental Health issues. I am an ordained Elder with over 30 years in ministry. I am a licensed minister with Christian Global Outreach Ministries. As such I am trained to encourage you in seeking healing through the Holy Spirit, word of God and prayer.
  • There is no minimum or maximum number of therapy sessions.
  • The fee for counseling sessions is to be paid by credit card , cash, and cash app at the beginning of each session.
  • Some specific counseling issues require more time and expertise than I am able to offer. In that case I will refer you to someone with that expertise. Examples could be severe mental disturbances and other critical issues.
  • All information in a therapy/ counseling session is confidential. However, I am required to report to the appropriate authorities certain serious situations, where you or another person seem to be in danger.
  • My primary goals are to help you work through your issues so you can realize God’s plan and purpose for your life and walk in your destiny.