Is Christian Therapy/Counseling For You?

Christian counseling, also known as biblical counseling and Christian psychology, combines your faith with the principles of psychology to improve your mental health and relationships. More specifically, this therapy approach uses scriptures and biblical teachings to help you deal with life’s challenges.

The truth is, when you are in the midst of troubling life events like the death of a loved one or pet, the loss of a job, declining health, financial problems, and/or relationship issues, a strong and resilient faith may be just what is missing from your life. (Dr. R.Y. Langham, Ph.D)

There for making an informed decision on whether you want to work with a Christian Counselor is your choice. However, the benefits of Christian counseling approach treatment from a holistic approach (spirit, soul, body). And, this can be very important to those who need to know that God is a loving and caring God and He wants the best life for them.