Trauma In Children

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic many adults are experiencing anxiety and depression. And, suicide has increased. Also, this pandemic has affected children in an very profound way. In fact, the trauma for children can more damaging if it is not dealt with.

The educational systems all throughout the country shut schools down. Many children were forced go online to receive instruction. . Which alone can be very traumatic for children.Especially those who children who were already having difficulty with their academics. Many parents had to learn how to home school their children.

Not only are parents frustrated but so are the children. For the most part parents may have good coping skills. But children may not. Keep in mind, that children are not always able to articulate their feeling. So, it could be difficult to manage feelings of worry and panic. A lot of children are watching news reports.

And, have been subjected to news they many not be able to handle. As it relates to Covid – 19. In addition, some children may have family members who have gotten sick or even died from the virus.

We at New Heart MFC have some helpful suggestions to help parents address these issues with your children. Here are some things you can do.

You can help your child/children by remaining calm. Explain to your children that it is fine to have feelings of sadness, worry and confusion. Also, remember that children at different ages respond to traumatic events differently. If your child is experiencing anxiety, anger, bedwetting or having difficulty concentrating for a long period of time you should consult a therapist/counselor. Remember that there are trained trauma therapist/ counselors who can help.

As a parent/guardian you can have discussions with your children as often as possible. Find out what they understand about what is going on. You know your child/children better than anyone else. It is important that you reassure children that they are safe and loved. Try not to expose your child/children to the news in the media. You can provide an atmosphere for your child/children that is relaxing and calm. It is also important that your children know that things will eventually get better.

Check out the article on for more information. Dr. Adam D. Brown is an expert on childhood trauma.

If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts. Please contact the National Suicide Hotline at: 1-800-273-8255.